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Georgia Deeper Learning Network - Public Exhibitions Process

The Center for Innovation in Education (C!E) was founded in 2013 and advances the development of systems that seek greater equity in how children develop the identity, community, agency, and competency that will pave the way for greater equity in our society. The C!E team facilitates connections, builds relationships, and shares learning among those who must work in concert to bring about equity-seeking change in education. C!E views innovation in assessment and accountability systems as a key lever for systems change.

Since 2021, C!E has facilitated the Georgia Deeper Learning Network in pursuit of these goals.

Resource spotlight

The Center for Innovation in Education codified the exhibition process, discussion protocols and documented examples of the exhibitions and their impact on the field.

Background information

In December 2021, a statewide coalition came together in Georgia to understand why Deeper Learning was not common in its schools. This coalition became the Georgia Deeper Learning Network and comprises 18 district partners and 18 statewide organizations. The Network partnered with students and teachers to examine youth disengagement, define the kind of Deeper Learning that would powerfully engage students and name the root causes for why Deeper Learning was not yet prevalent across Georgia. The Network designed a learning and assessment process that models the deeper learning desired in classrooms. Participating districts have created a deeper learning experience that will result in a student exhibition of learning. In pursuit of symmetry, teachers, principals and district leaders will also create exhibitions about what they learned by trying to support deeper learning.

Contact Information

For more information on the Center for Innovation in Education and the Georgia Deeper Learning Network, please contact Doannie Tran.

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