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Redefining Student and School Success & Flourishing - New Approaches to Ecosystem Design and Measurement

Choice-Filled Lives Network (CLN) is a National social sector transformation organization that applies the science of learning and human development, and the art of relationship-building and community organizing, to co-construct a more justice, equitable world. CLN’s Accreditation in Human Flourishing, Language & Literacy, and Democracy provides a process for schools and systems to redefine child and school success and achievement. Anchoring in the social determinants of health, the science of learning and human development, and practices that empower and elevate students’ voices, schools and systems embark upon a journey of reflection, learning, and applied developmental science, that leads to a grassroots, community- and educator-driven paradigm shift in the understanding of the purpose of schooling, as well as children’s overall life outcomes.

Resource spotlight

Mixed Reality Professional Learning and Self-Assessment Module
  • Virtual, Technology-based tool allows for unlimited access and usage by educators throughout the United States and the world.
  • Educators practice their relationship-building skills and other critical CLN Accreditation standards-aligned skills with student avatars. avoiding the possibility of any harm being done to actual children.
  • Research surrounding this technology has shown that adult behavior can change in an average of only 3 sessions, and users report significantly higher levels of comfort, and are more willing to be vulnerable, when role playing with avatars vs. real people.
Connection vs. Compliance Rubric
  • Quick, easily administered observational tool to be used in classrooms or other educational settings
  • User friendly prompts help users objectively identify whether behaviors being observed are rooted in connection or compliance
  • Includes Tip Sheet detailing the benefits of sustaining a connection-based learning environment.

Background information

As part of its Accreditation, CLN has developed research-grounded learning condition standards, and aligned professional learning standards. In partnership with Mursion Education, CLN is developing immersive mixed-reality professional learning and self-assessment modules aligned to these standards. , These immersive, mixed-reality self-assessment modules allow educators to “practice” building equitable classroom learning conditions in a mixed-reality, scenario-based experience, practicing their skills with avatar students as opposed to real students. Upon completion, educators participate in a post-assessment and self-reflection process that allows them to articulate the areas in which they think they did well, as well as self-identified growth opportunities. The specific public good module included on this landing page a mixed reality immersive course that taps into three accreditation standards: Relationships, Learning Environments, and Economic & Financial Literacy. A module vignette that details a course overview and learner objectives is included, as well as instructions for talking the course.

In addition to this immersive mixed reality professional learning module, CLN has developed an observational “Connection vs. Compliance” rubric. This rubric is intended for use by classroom teachers and/or administrators, and provides tangible examples of student engagement practices that are either connection driven or compliance driven. The rubric includes a short set of guided questions to help educators determine whether the behaviors they’re observing are compliance or connection-grounded, as well as a T-chart for documenting each observation in the correct connection or compliance category.

Contact Information

For more information on Choice-filled Lives Network’s work, please contact Dr. Brandi Biscoe Kenner.

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