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Equal Opportunity Badge / Designing a National Registry of Equitable Enrollment Patterns

This project is a collaboration between GreatSchools and Equal Opportunity Schools.

GreatSchools, based in Oakland, CA, is the leading nonprofit providing high-quality information that supports parents pursuing a great education for their child, schools striving for excellence and communities working to diminish inequities in education. Established in [YEAR], GreatSchools is led by Jon Deane.

Equal Opportunity Schools, based in Seattle, WA, strengthens educator and system leader capacity to break down barriers to increase access, belonging and success in rigorous college and career-prep secondary school courses for students of color and low-income students so that they may thrive in their postsecondary pursuits and life goals. Established in 2010, EOS is led by Eddie Lincoln and Dr. Sasha Rabkin.

Background information

For the past two years, EOS and GreatSchools have been engaged in high level discussions about a national strategy to make visible the problem of inequitable access to advanced academics. We have experimented with certain measurement tools, explored a new “EOS Badge” and secured 65 EOS schools to pilot an initial idea.

GreatSchools and Equal Opportunity Schools are developing a first of its kind national registry of equitable enrollment patterns and solutions focused on Advanced Placement specifically. Together, we believe we can create an innovative, public facing suite of tools that can shine daylight on this essential topic. This new suite of tools, housed on the GreatSchools platform, will track school implementation of two kinds of activities designed to ensure more equitable enrollment in advanced coursework. First, we will focus on school use of tools to measure and assess the problem in their building with a specific focus on disaggregated “Opportunity Charts” that are both program wide and course specific. Secondly, we will track a host of “solution” oriented actions including the use of additional metrics for entrance, such as the EOS Student Insight Card, the use of measures of belonging to track student experience in advanced coursework and other important guideposts of equitable learning environments.

We have 65 EOS schools signed up as pilot schools and will utilize their experience to ground truth the ideas and strategies. The public good is a pilot “EOS badge” as well as the outline, casemaking and structure of a public facing accountability infrastructure focused on equitable learning environments in advanced academics courses.

Contact Information

For more information on GreatSchools’s work, please contact Jon Deane. For more information on Equal Opportunity Schools’s work, please contact Sasha Rabkin.

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