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Learning Conditions

Authentic partnerships between young people, communities, and educators are critical foundations for better understanding and improving student outcomes, experience and learning conditions in school. Whether you are a student, parent, teacher, administrator, or policymaker, the tools and resources below are intended to help you build those partnerships and co-create assessments connected to what students and communities value.

Adult & Child Agency Inventories

Beloved Community is partnering with K-12 schools to pilot its Adult & Child Agency Inventories. Nearly 600 organizations, including K-12 schools, corporations/companies, non-profit organizations, and public agencies have completed Beloved Community’s organizational self-assessment - the Equity Audit.

Culturally Affirming Practices Criteria

Village of Wisdom (VOW) partners with schools to support their assessment of the learning environments they provide to Black learners. Schools report that VOW assessments helped them learn about their strengths and areas for improvement in supporting Black learners; however, there was always the question of how schools could improve their practices.

Positive Deviance for Educators

In 2020, the K12 Lab began exploring positive deviance, a community-driven approach that looks to local positive outliers for sustainable, scalable solutions to intractable problems. The goal was to explore how positive deviance, through the lens of human-centered design and equity, can complement measurement, improvement practices, and pedagogical approaches educators are using, to make it easier for school communities to use data to create more equitable learning environments

Redefining Student and School Success & Flourishing - New Approaches to Ecosystem Design and Measurement

As part of its Accreditation, CLN has developed research-grounded learning condition standards, and aligned professional learning standards. In partnership with Mursion Education, CLN is developing immersive mixed-reality professional learning and self-assessment modules aligned to these standards.